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    Learn to swing dance!

    We have two options for our beginner course: a one-day course that covers most of the basics, or a two-day course that covers a little more and allows for more repetition and practise on day 2. You can sign up either on your own or with a partner and the course is guaranteed: you can repeat it once for free in the following 12 months!
    £45/£35 (conc.) per person for the two-day course
    £25/£20 (conc.) per person for the one-day course

    Not sure what it's like? Come and try one of our taster classes first - scroll down for upcoming dates.  

    What to expect:
    - the courses are lively, you'll be dancing most of the time
    - we rotate partners all through the course
    - 'leader' refers to the traditional male role and 'follower' refers to the traditional female role, although many dancers learn and dance both parts.

    Book as early as you can, as courses usually sell out. To book please email:  

    Courses 2019
    We run courses most months with the dates below now open for booking. We have vouchers available for a couple place (i.e. one leader & one follower) if you want to offer one as a present. All courses are 1-5pm.

    One day courses:
    Sat 5th Oct

    Two day weekend courses:
    14-15th Sept
    (waiting list for solo follows, spaces for couples & solo leads)
    9-10th Nov

    Booking a place
    The beginner courses usually sell out and need to be booked in advance, but it's worth checking as we sometimes get late cancellations. To book or for vouchers please email: 

    All courses are at:
    Southbank Club, Dean Lane, Bristol BS3 1DB


    We sometimes do short taster classes at the beginning of our dance nights, or at other people's events. It's a great way to find out if you'll like it, or to invite friends along to. The next ones coming up are:

    - Fri 21st June: Our monthly dance at the Southbank Club in Southville. £7/£5 concessions. Class 7.45pm
    - Sat 22nd June: We'll run beginner classes between the bands at The Old Duke Swing Festival. Four bands from 1-11pm, an outdoor dance floor, and it's all free! The Old Duke, King Street, BS1 4ER
    - Fri 19th July: Our monthly dance at the Southbank Club in Southville. £7/£5 concessions. Class 7.45pm
    - Sat 20th / Sun 21st July: We will have taster classes at the Bristol Harbour Festival. Provisional time slot is Saturday 4.50-7pm but this is tbc and we don't have a location yet.
    - Fri 16th August: Our monthly dance at the Southbank Club in Southville. £7/£5 concessions. Class 7.45pm

    Are you part of MOVE GB? You can try the taster class at our monthly dance included in your membership. See here

    What is Swing dancing/Lindy Hop?

    Swing dancing or 'Lindy Hop' dates back to the great jazz era of the 20s, 30s and 40s in the USA. It developed among the African American community – most famously in Harlem – and was danced to the big bands of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and others. It was 'rediscovered' in recent times and  has grown  massively since and there are now swing dances being held all over the world, with established swing dance scenes in several UK cities.