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    Bic & Simone workshop 9th-10th July 2016

    They are always hugely popular at their annual workshops here, come and find out why. Join our facebook event to see who else is going.

    Workshops Saturday
    11am-1.30pm Work on strong basics plus a few fun moves. Level 2
    2.20-3.50pm   How to dance well with people of different levels, & how to dance well in JnJ competitions (great dance skills even if you don't want to compete). Levels 1-4
    Venue: City Academy, Easton, BS5 9JH

    Workshops Sunday 
    11am-1pm    Work on strong basics including prep for next class. Level 3
    1.50-3.50pm Taking it faster, essential technique & some key moves. Level 3/4
    Venue: City Academy, Easton, BS5 9JH

    Class levels
    Level 2: You know all the basic moves and can do them in classes, but they don't always work well on the dance floor. You comfortable dancing with people you know but can find it hard to adjust to others. You have probably been dancing at least 6 months. 
    Level 3: You are a confident social dancer, able to adapt to different tempos and different partners. You don't need to think about the steps of any of the basic patterns. You have attended several festivals/international workshops over the past 1-2 years.
    Level 4: You attend upper level classes at festivals / international events and are a confident social dancer and performer/competitor (if you like performing/competing). 

    Saturday night
    Our monthly dance Saturday Night Stomp with guest DJ Bic. Includes JnJ competition, with prizes, where we'll pair experienced/inexperienced dancers together. 
    Venue: All Hallows Hall, All Hallows Road, Easton, BS5 0HH

    We're looking at possibly adding a social on either Friday night or after classes on Sunday (not included).


    £40/£36 concessions for either day (4 hrs) including Saturday night dance
    £35/£32 concessions for either track without dance

    If you're attending the Sunday workshops we'd love to have you join us for the Saturday second workshop aimed at competition skills. Just add +£8 for the 90 minute workshop. 

    Bookings open. Please email with what you'd like to attend and include your dance role 

    Accomodation / Hosting
    For accomodation see the suggestions listed for our New Year Swing & Blues Festival (scroll down to the bottom of the page).
    We can't guarantee hosting but we'll do our best to help you find somewhere if you need it.