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    Southville classes 

    We've got three classes every Wednesday night in the upstairs studio at the Southbank Club, followed by social dancing downstairs. 

    Wednesday classes 
    Classes with Mithi & Max, David & Mithi
    Southbank Club, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB
    £20 for 4 week block in any level, or £7/£5 concessions if you pay per class
    £9 for two classes on the same night 



    Classes restart Weds 4th Jan
    7pm Level 1: 8 COUNT with Max & Mithi
    8pm Level 2: BALBOA with David & Mithi
    9pm Level 3: CHARLESTON with Max & Mithi
    Plus dancing afterwards in the bar. All at Southbank, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB


    Classes start Weds 1st Feb
    7pm Level 1: Charleston with David & Federica
    8pm Level 2: Lindy Hop with Max & Mithi
    9pm Level 3: Max and Mithi will be teaching the Mama Stew routine the first Wednesday (check it out on Youtube) and performing it downstairs after the class. For the rest of the month, we will focus on learning techniques to be more comfortable dancing in front of an audience either solo, partner or as a group. This is suitable to Level 2 and above.


    Classes start Weds 1st Mar
    7pm Level 1
    : 6 Count fun inspired by Frankie Manning with Mithi and Max
    8pm Level 2
    : We're going to mix it up a bit in L2 this month...

    1st & 8th: 'Bring What You Want' - David & Mithi will structure the classes around whatever you want to work on. We'll fix any problems, and give as much individual feedback as we can.
    15th: Max & Mithi (topic tbc)
    22nd & 29th: Special guests Sayer & Jennie with 'Core technique, swing out practice & variations'

    9pm Level 3: Here is something a bit different! Instead of our usual Level3 classes in March, upstairs in Southbank from 9 to 10pm will be dedicated to private learning and private feedback!
    Whether you want to work on your leading/following skills, solo, musicality, or work on something specific, Max and Mithi will be happy to help. 
    They will be offering 30 minutes private sessions every Wednesday either 9 to 9.30pm or 9.30 to 10pm. Places are limited, so if you're interested, please email  to book a slot with Mithi or Max. (Only Mithi on the 1st of March). We'll also have a sign up sheet on Wednesday night for any unfilled slots that you can sign up for.



    This is a special month with Bristol Swing Festival during Easter weekend, the class format will be different than usual. There will be no classes on Wednesday 12 & 19th of April but:

    Wednesday 5th:

    From 7pm to 9pm - Learn and practise the Shim Sham. This solo routine is a swing dancer anthem and perfect to join the fun during the festival ;-) No booking required. £12 per person (£10 concession)

    From 9pm to 10pm - Following the great feedback about the mini privates in March, Mithi and Max will carry on the privates in April. Ideal for individual feedback or for a couple. Two 30 minutes slots available per teacher (9 to 9.30pm or 9.30 to 10pm) Advance booking only. Please message if interested. £10 per slot

    Wednesday 26th:

    From 7pm to 9pm - two hour workshop "transition from Level1 classes to Level2". Mithi and Max will go over the core techniques required to feel comfortable at Level2. No booking required. £12 per person (£10 concession)

    From 9pm to 10pm - mini privates see Wednesday 5th description above.


    Plus dancing afterwards in the bar. All at Southbank, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB

    Dancing after classes
    There is dancing after the classes downstairs in the bar at Southbank, with a small charge via the honesty box (reduced if you've done classes). This is run by the venue rather than us but we'll usually be there. 

    Classes: Southbank Club, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB

    For level descriptions see here or feel free to email with any questions or talk to any of the teachers at the classes or dances.