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    Southville classes 

    We've got three classes every Wednesday night in the upstairs studio at the Southbank Club, followed by social dancing downstairs.

    Wednesday classes - Prices
    Southbank Club, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB
    £20 for 4 week block in any level, or £7/£5 concessions if you pay per class
    usually £9 for two classes on the same night 

    (Please note Level 1 classes are NOT suitable for absolute beginners. For beginners courses, please see here

    1st-22nd NOVEMBER 2017 

    7pm Level 1
    David & Caterina, 8 count basics: Swing Out, Lindy Turn, Lindy Circle & variations.

    8pm Level 2 with Mithi & David
    Balboa basics: learn the elegant dance that's great for fast music. For dancers new to Balboa and those who want to work on core skills. (Aimed at people who already dance Lindy Hop.) 

    9pm Level 2 & 3
    Mithi & Max. Due to the Balboa at 8pm, this will be a combined Lindy Hop class for Level 2 and Level 3 dancers. Topic : we will be going through inspirational moves from the latest ILHC, picking out the best and teaching them to you.

    29th NOVEMBER 2017 

    7pm Level 1
    Max & Mithi on Hitting the Breaks. What is a break? How can you tell when they are coming? What do you do to a break?
    £7 / £5 concessions or if you're attending the workshop on the same night

    8-10pm Level 2/3
    2 hr workshop on Tandem Charleston with Max & Mithi. Suitable for anyone who is already confident in the side by side charleston footwork. 
    £10 / £9 concessions / £8 if you've done the L1 class on the same night

    6th DECEMBER 2017

    7-9pm Level 1/2  
    2 hr David & Mithi's workshop on better social dancing for the party season! Improve your confidence, look good on the dance floor, adapt to different partners, plus some time for questions and solving problems. 
    £10 / £9 concessions / £8 if you're attending the 9pm class on the same night

    9pm Level 2/3
    "You can't dance well with a partner unless you can dance well on your own" That's what they say and it's true. Caterina will teach a simple solo jazz routine and show you how you can apply what you learn to your partner dancing.
    £7 / £5 concessions or if you're attending the workshop on the same night


    Dancing after classes
    There is dancing from 8pm downstairs in the bar at Southbank, with a small charge via the honesty box (reduced if you've done classes). This is run by the venue rather than us but we'll usually be there. 

    Classes: Southbank Club, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB

    For level descriptions see here or feel free to email with any questions or talk to any of the teachers at the classes or dances.