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    What's new - July 2017

    Learn to dance!
    Beginners courses nearly every month: 9-10 Sept, 30 Sept-1 Oct, 25-26 Nov. 

    Harbour Festival 22nd-23rd July
    All in Queen Square (near to Mill Avenue side of square)
    12.15pm Jack & Federica Foxtrot class
    3pm Tailfeather class with David & Federica, then Swing DJ 
    3.30pm Jazz Hands performance
    4pm Lindy Hop class with David & Federica 
    4.15pm Shag/Bal DJs take over
    5pm Collegiate Shag class
    5.30pm Swing DJs
    6pm Lindy Hop class with Bristol Swing Riot 
    7pm Carriages to somewhere dry.....

    3.30pm Swing DJs
    3.45pm Lindy Hop class with David & Federica
    4pm Live music with Big R Big Band
    5pm Tailfeather class with David & Federica, then Swing DJ
    5.30pm Bristolettes performance, then Swing DJ
    6pm(ish) Close

    Weekly classes in Southville - classes every Wednesday 

    7pm Level 1 classes, then during July special 2 hr workshops each week.
    Plus dancing afterwards in the bar. All at Southbank, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB

    Monthly dance (with beginners class) - 3rd Friday of the month 
    21st July: Ain't Misbehavin' includes beginner class at 7.45pm, £7/£5 conc  

    22-23rd July: Bristol Harbour Festival, all FREE, we're just waiting for details of our time slot. 

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    Other News
    See news of all our weekend dances here
    Events coming up at Southbank, No1 Harbourside, and The Old Duke!

    Feedback and keeping up to date :
    We love to hear feedback so if you have any ideas, grumbles, suggestions then please speak to us at the club night or email

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